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HELP! I Signed Up For A Turkey Trot And I Didn't Train

  So you signed up for a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5K... awesome! But you didn't actually train for the 5K... whoops. Well just because you didn't train doesn't mean you shouldn't still do it! Here's some of my tips for running in a Turkey Trot 5K without training: 1. STILL GO TO THE RACE! You paid for your spot, why not go anyways.  2. YOU DON'T ACTUALLY HAVE TO RUN THE WHOLE THING. You might have had intentions on running the entire race but if you haven't trained and don't have enough stamina to run the entire thing, then don't! Use this as an opportunity to get outside, move, get outside your comfort zone and have fun! Maybe you run a mile and walk the rest or run then walk for a little and continue until you finish. All that matters is that you have fun and you finish for you. 3. HAVE FUN. Don't beat yourself up for not training, go out there, exercise, and just truly have a good time. Do this for yourself, not for the overindulging you

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